SustainableBooks is a socially and environmentally responsible book recycling business that collects, sells, and donates books to support literacy programs, charities, and educational institutions.

Canadian Address Contact Info
51 Caldari Road Unit #10A
Concord, Ontario
+1 647-478-7325
American Address Contact Info
25 Hazelwood Drive, Suite 108
Amherst, New York
+1 716-306-2046

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Pickup Questions

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Without a doubt, Sustainable Books is the best place to donate your used books. We can pick them up for you if you fill out the form to the left, or you can drop them off at one of our warehouse locations.

Often, old books might not hold significant monetary value in the conventional sense due to the sheer volume of new books entering the market annually. Yet at SustainableBooks, we believe in the inherent worth of these books beyond their market price. Through our initiatives, we repurpose and breathe new life into old books, ensuring that their stories continue to be told and appreciated.

In Canada, we service the majority of the GTA and surrounding area. In New York, we service the Buffalo and surrounding areas. Feel free to send us a message even if you are outside this area, and we will accommodate as best we can.

You can leave your books in a safe place outside your home, and our team will collect them.

We accept all types of books in good condition, including textbooks, novels, and children's books.

Please pack your books in boxes or reusable bags. We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Yes, let us know which date you prefer using the contact form on the left.

No, there's no limit. We're grateful for all book donations.