SustainableBooks is a socially and environmentally responsible book recycling business that collects, sells, and donates books to support literacy programs, charities, and educational institutions.

Canadian Address Contact Info
51 Caldari Road Unit #10A
Concord, Ontario
+1 647-478-7325
American Address Contact Info
25 Hazelwood Drive, Suite 108
Amherst, New York
+1 716-306-2046

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How it works

What do we do with your donated books?

A good use for your donated books!
Collecting Books

We gather books from store pickups, donation boxes, library discards, and recycling programs. Our aim is to extend the life of every book.

Processing Facilities

Collected books are taken to our facilities, where they're sorted and graded, preparing them for their next reader.

Reselling and Donating

We resell books at affordable prices and donate to families, schools, daycares, and literacy programs. Our goal is to share the joy of reading far and wide.


Books not suitable for reuse are responsibly recycled, ensuring they never end up in a landfill. We are committed to preserving our environment.